#RazB has ONSTAGE MELTDOWN in Nashville! [vid]


The Millenium Tour has been THRILLING fans of B2K around the country for the past few weeks, but ONE member in PARTICULAR has been in the SPOTLIGHT and it’s not the LEAD SINGER, Omarion.  Raz B has been VERY VOCAL about not feeling ‘SAFE’ on tour because the group’s EX-manager Chris Stokes has been in the MIX.

Raz unceremoniously ‘QUIT’ the tour a few weeks ago, only to return hours later at the URGING of the fans and most likely his group members.  But it appears the ANXIETY came to a head at a tour stop in Nashville where Raz had what looks like a MELTDOWN on stage and WALKED OFF mid-set!

After his ‘MELTDOWN’, Raz posted and deleted this CRYPTIC message:

Let’s hope Raz is OK, and that the GROUP can eliminate the ‘BAD ENERGY’ surrounding the tour and CARRY ON!!


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