Police search for man seen KICKING Elderly woman in the face REPEATEDLY on #NYC Subway–NO ONE HELPS! [vid]


This is APPALING and very HARD to watch! A 78 year old woman was BURTALLY ASSAULTED on a NYC Subway earlier this month. The man can be seen KICKING the woman in the face several times before exiting the train car.

The incident happened on a northbound No.2 train at around 3 am on March 10. The woman, who was alone, tries to defend herself as he continues to attack her while other passengers record the incident and do nothing to help. He can be heard saying ‘Who the f**k you was talking to’ as he finished his brutal assault.

One female passenger can be heard saying ‘Excuse me’ to the man but he walks off the train.
Shortly before he turns to the passengers filming and says: ‘Worldstar that my n****r’ in reference to the social media page that is full of violent videos.

She suffered from bleeding and swelling with cuts to the face. She was treated on scene by EMS and refused further medical attention.
The African American man, who has a black goatee, is approximately 40-years-old, is 6’0″ and weighs 180 pounds.
He was last seen wearing a black jacket, black knit cap, long black and white checkered scarf, metal framed glasses, and black pants.



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