#DanielCaesar gets DRAGGED for CONTROVERSIAL statements about BLACK people & defending #YesJulz! [vid]


Daniel Caesar, you know the Canadian singer known for his SMOOTH hit, ‘Get You’? Well he recently went on a RANT about BLACK PEOPLE being TOO sensitive and how WE shouldn’t be MEAN to WHITE PEOPLE. Also he defended YesJulz, an online personality who was recently slammed for slamming Scottie Beam and Karen Civil, two black women working in the hip-hop industry. YesJulz has been known to make racially insensitive comments in the past, so of course Caesar’s DEFENSE of them has struck a lot of IRE all over social media. Here is what Caesar had to say and why his FANS and CRITICS want to ‘CANCEL’ him!

OF COURSE, TWITTER had to GO IN on the 23 year old SINGER!


We wish Daniel would have stayed that OBSCURE crooner that barely made waves but made GREAT MUSIC. But NOW, he just sound a little MISINFORMED, but he did say that he was DRUNK and bare in MIND he is 23…he has time to GROW and LEARN… SO, we shall see if he is ALL THE WAY canceled or NAH!


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