#RHOA season 11 REUNION SPOILER! NeNe CLAPS back at EVERYBODY and UNFOLLOWS all but 2 ‘WIVES’! [details]


So I’ve been RESEARCHING, scouring the for CLUES and INTERVIEWING people CLOSE to the situation and the WORD FROM THE CURB is that the SHIT hit the FAN at the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 11 REUNION TAPING! So much shit came up that it made creator and host Andy Cohen RE-EVALUATE for the UPCOMING season.

Fans that FOLLOW the show know that this season has been VOID of a lot of SHAKE-UPS. In laymen’s terms—it’s been kinda BORING. The LADIES have been RALLYING around the ‘LONGEST-RUNNING’ member of the franchise, NeNe Leakes as she navigates the ‘NEW NORMAL’ of her life with Gregg living with cancer and the sacrifices that come along with that. ALSO, we have been pretty INVOLVED with Porsha and her EVOLVING relationship with Dennis and their PENDING NUPTIALS and BABY. So it serves us RIGHT that these two WIVES have the 2 HOTTEST seats in the line-up. Both sit OPPOSITE of Andy in the seating chart…so you know the MOST heat goes to these two. As we fan out we got Kandi and Cynthia respectively on either side and with the LEAST DRAMA are Eva and Shamari who are the newest==so their teapots are still on simmer. Oh and GOOD OLD FRIEND to the show Marlo will be there too and she will sit next to her BESTIE NeNe and Tanya Sams will be in the BUILDING too.

SO WORD FROM THE CURB is that a lot of the ladies WENT IN on NeNe for how she reacted at the ‘BYE WIG’ Party.

AFTER the TAPING, Nene ABRUPTLY unfollowed Kandi, Porsha, Eva, Tanya and surprisingly Cynthia on IG! Now you know when you UNFOLLOW a person–that’s like CUTTING THEM OFF for real..So what’s EATING NeNe? Well Let’s go down the line. Let’s start with Tanya. INITIALLY she was introduced as Nene’s friend but as the season went on, we see that NeNe could give a FUCK about her and her relationship..Nene’s word not mine. LOL. It came to a head in Tokyo and after Tanya took an inadvertent SWIPE at NeNe’s boutique being ‘LOW-SCALE’ It was pretty much a WRAP for their ‘FRIENDSHIP’.

Now let’s talk about Porsha. NeNe and Porsha’s relationship has always been a little TOUCH and GO. Sometimes the ‘DOOR IS CLOSED’ and sometimes it swings wide open. NeNe was INSTRUMENTAL in getting the LADIES to forgive Porsha for her role in ‘DUNGEON-GATE’ with Kandi and NeNe was SUPPORTIVE of Porsha when she had her many ANGER issues with Kenya. But when Porsha tried to enter her CLOSET with the other ladies then SPOKE about it that NeNe ‘OVERRACTED’ then again, you are now an ‘ENEMY’ to Nene.

Okay let’s touch on her problem with Eva. At the REUNION, Eva touches on the fact that Nene was ALLEGEDLY spreading rumors about Eva’s credit being bad and her not having any real MONEY and her RENTING her home. We will seee this play out in a later episode. BUT I HEARD it was one of Eva’s own ‘BRIDEMAID’ that started these rumors… But remember, NeNe again was the gateway for Eva to get a PEACH to begin with. And she TRIED to show her allegiance to the O.G. but we all saw that as a MEANS to an end. Once she got in the door–it seems that whole ‘BIG SISTER CHARADE’ went out the window. And of course Nene took note of that and for that she was CANCELED too!

Now the CASE with Cynthia is a bit more TRICKIER. These two have been FAST FRIENDS for YEARS, despite a PAUSE in their ‘FRIEND CONTRACT’, the two have been very close….or so it seemed. But as we watched the season, we see NeNe growing closer to Marlo and Cynthia has been pushed farther back into the BACKGROUND. ATLien at STRAIGHFROMTHEA seems to think the reason she turned on Cynthia is because she ALIGNED herself with Kandi to petition to get Kenya back in play.

As for Kandi, we all know that when she is not crying or sniffling, Kandi is about the ONLY one that CAN and WILL go TOE TO TOE with NeNe sense their FIRST run-in in season 2 when kandi was INTRODUCED to the show. Kandi TOO felt NeNe OVERREACTED at the WIG PARTY about the closet thing and was not AFRAID to voice her DISMAY.

They say Shamari was pretty much a NON-FACTOR at the REUNION–so we don’t have much to say on her.

The word is Marlo was–well Marlo. “Marlo’s stance was very aggressive,” said the insider, adding that Hampton didn’t hold back when airing her costar’s “dirty laundry.” According to RADARonline, According to the source, Marlo told NeNe “she’s a bad friend and wife,” and claimed she “was straight-up mean to Gregg.”

The other ladies intervened, adding that NeNe was constantly bad-mouthing Gregg, 64, behind his back.

“Nene had a weak defense,” said the insider. “She said something along the lines of ‘It’s my marriage we don’t need your advice.’”

She was “furious” that all her costars went against her, especially in regard to her rocky marriage. All of this with a DASH of INSECURITY makes NeNe and ANGRY BEAR. We’ve witnessed this. NeNe HAS to be the EPICENTER of the DRAMA, the GOODWILL and EVERYTHING. She CONSTANTLY reminds us that the FRANCHISE was basically BUILT off of her and if she DOES you a SOLID, you ‘owe’ her for LIFE.

Anything that does not ALIGN with that THINKING gets your ‘DOOR PASS’ revoked. Funny thing is, she does not APPLY these same rules to Marlo. Marlo can CURSE HER ASS out and DRAG her, but she STILL remains ‘SISTERS’ with her. Her and Shamari are the ONLY TWO she DID NOT unfollow. Shamari is not THREAT to NeNe’s ‘REIGN’ and she can’t BEAT or OUT TALK Marlo, so there you have it. NeNe’s has ALREADY BLOCKED me On IG for something I POSTED last year about her, so she may not like this either if she reads… BLOCKED or not, I still like her, she is very ENTERTAINING and GREAT for TV so I wish her much success and her PRAYERS and BLESSINGS to her and her FAMILY, namely Gregg and the Brent.

So even though the season was not that EVENTFUL, the REUNION is about to BRING the FIREWORKS! After the TAPING, HOST and CREATOR Andy Cohen had to really take a SECOND LOOK and RE-EVALUTE for seasons to come, so you KNOW some SHIT went down!

So ANDY you know what has to be DONE. FOR SEASON 12 give the fans what they WANT..Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks! Do it for the CULTURE. Shamari DeVoe we like her and Eva is OK…but they are no KENYA and Phaedra.  SO for the DRAMA to return to the FRANCHISE, we NEED THEM BACK.


The REUNION begins March 24 i believe and I think it’s 3 EXPLOSIVE parts!


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