#RKellyInterview: #AzrielClary was VERY disrespectful to #GayleKing or NAH when asked about 3-way sex play!? [vid]


Riddle me this…what Azriel Clary very disrespectful in her SIT DOWN with Gayle King?   Azriel Clary and Jocelyn Savage sat down with Gayle King and said they are BOTH in a RELATIONSHIP with R. Kelly at the same time.  Robert Kelly is 52 years old.  Azriel is 21 and said she has been with him for 4 years–making her about 16 or 17 when they met.  Does that not strike anyone else as being ODD!?

Then the calm, level headed Gayle asks if it is a 3-way SEXUAL relationship and here is where she gets defensive and goes off the RAILS!

Why do an interview if you don’t want to answer questions!? These ladies need HELP plain and simple.  R. Kellyh’s PRESENCE and his SENTIMENTS ECHO in every word these ladies say.  He even had to let them KNOW that ‘DADDY is WATCHING’ as he LURKED back stage as they were being INTERVIEWED.  SAD.

Twitter was QUICK to react..per usual!




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