WATCH: #WillandGrace season 10 eps 13- 14 [full eps]


Will gives local newscaster McCoy Whitman a second chance — with Jack’s help; Grace’s campaign hits a snag when the deciding vote belongs to her nemesis Val; campaign manager Karen attempts to secure the winning vote by any means necessary.
WATCH ‘Will & Grace’ season 10 episode 13-14 ‘The Real McCoy’ BELOW!

will and grace s10e13 hdtv x264-lucidtv

[720×404, 21:24]

Episode 14 Supreme Courtship
Jack’s insistence that Will be nicer to Estefan backfires; Grace unknowingly knocks over a prominent figure; when Karen discovers Noah plans to kill off the main character of her favorite romance novel, she forces him to rewrite the story.

Will and Grace S10E14 HDTV x264-SVA

[720×404, 21:16]

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