#IdrisElba REPLACES #WillSmith in upcoming blockbuster! [Details]

In a turn of events…Idris Elba REPLACES Will Smith in an upcoming blockbuster!

Recently colorism came up when it was announced that Will Smith would be playing Serena & Venus’ father in an upcoming biopic about their lives. Fans and critics were in a uproar saying that Smith was too light skinned to play their father. People weighed in citing other darker skinned actors that could fill those shoes like Don Cheadle or Idris Elba. Well, fans you got your wish. Elba REPLACES Smith….just not for the movie you were hoping for.

Sources tell Variety that Elba is Warner Bros. choice to replace Will Smith as Deadshot in the “Suicide Squad” sequel.

Smith had to bow out of the upcoming DC Comics movie due to scheduling conflicts, and the studio moved fast to find another proven A-lister to replace him before production starts in September.

It’s currently unknown who will be joining Elba in the sequel, though many believe Margot Robbie will return as Harley Quinn. James Gun was tapped to write and direct the film. The release date is currently set for Aug. 6, 2021.

Well…you got part of your wish granted….


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