#Jarule PERFORMS at Bucks/Timberwolves halftime and NO ONE GAVE A DAMN! Rule ‘CLAPS BACK’! [vid]



This has to be embarrassing, right? Ja-Rule, multi-platinum selling artist, songwriter/producer and Grammy-NOMINATED performer performed at the Recent Timberwolves/Bucks halftime show and it appears his ‘fans’ had all left for concessions. The CROWD was DEAD and showed little response to his presence!

Take a LOOK at the AWKWARD video below:

It gets worse… some of the Bucks players came out to warm-up before Rule was finished his SET.


Clearly Ja-Rule is still feeling the STING from his part in in the BOTCHED Fyre Festival FIASCO! If you missed that DOCUMENTARY–REVISIT that HERE!

Can we expect a REPLY from 50 cent in zero-minus 2 seconds….. LOL.


JA-RULE went on the DEFENSE of his ‘performance’…

AS FOR the BUCKS coming out to WARM-UP while he was STILL on—Rule had words for that TOO…


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