WATCH: #WillandGrace season 10 eps 10- 12 [full eps]


Will and Grace’s plan to win over Will’s new boss goes awry when he drops dead in their apartment; Estefan and Karen’s mutual dislike puts Jack in full damage control mode at his birthday dinner.
WATCH ‘Will & Grace’ season 10 episode 10 ‘Dead Man Texting’ BELOW!

Episode 11 ‘The Scales of Justice’
Will uses a mock trial in an attempt to repair the rift between Karen and her stepdaughter; Grace and Jack decide to go on a diet together but changing their eating habits proves harder than they thought.

Will and Grace S10E11 HDTV x264-SVA

[720×404, 21:20]

Episode 12 ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’

Malcolm enlists Grace to help him win back Karen’s affections; Will’s flirtation at work lands him in an ethical dilemma; Jack’s passion for performing is reignited by a chance encounter with Zusanna, the sister of his former acting teacher.


Will and Grace S10E12 720p HDTV x264-DHD

[1280×720, 21:13]


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