WATCH: #TheOrville season 2 ep 8 ‘Identity, Pt. 1’ [full ep]


This episode of The Orville opens with Isaac playing a 3D game with Marcus and Ty. He wins easily, saying his intelligence exceeds theirs. Marcus points out that saying that makes people feel bad, but Isaac says he’s just stating a fact.

Claire comes in and has her sons sit on the couch. With Isaac, Claire tells them that she and Isaac are seeing each other. Neither is surprised—it is a small ship, after all, and word travels fast. Both are perfectly fine with the situation. Everyone on the ship thinks Isaac is great, plus he makes Claire happy.
WATCH ‘The Orville’ season 2 episode 8 BELOW!

the orville s02e08 web x264-tbs

[992×558, 48:26]

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