#YoungMoney PULLS OUT of #BETExperience for #NickiMinaj trolling after #CardiB Grammy win! [details]


Remember when we reported that Nicki Minaj and Cardi B would be CO-HEADLINERS for The BET Experience this SUMMER….well that’s a NO!

After Cardi B’s ‘Best Rap Album’ Grammy win last night, BET’s social media posted the following:

YEA—DIVISIVE right? Congratulating one FEMALE ARTIST while in the same breath tearing down another!

Many fans and non-fans took to SOCIAL MEDIA to voice their DISPLEASURE in the TACKINESS of the TWEET!

As a result Nicki Minaj and Young Money has decided to pull out of the BET Experience.

In a follow-up tweet, Minaj declared war on BET and the writer of the article, simply posting a number of screenshots of tweets critical of BET’s post. She also encouraged fans that bought tickets to the BET Experience to get refunds. She later tweeted screenshots of her fans going after BET on their Instagram, too.

NOW ALL THIS EXTRA–I am not a FAN of. Pulling out and carrying on—now that hurts where it needs to. ALL THIS TWITTER TALKING and PULLING RECEIPTS and etc, that’s where you are too old to have to DO. Just MAKE your move and let the REST SPEAK FOR ITSELF. SIT DOWN and let the plan work.

That’s PART of Nicki’s PROBLEM with some CRITICS—she DOES TOO MUCH–at this stage in her CAREER she doesn’t have to. LET THE BARBZ and the fans do it. I hate to use this example that everybody uses, but when Beyonce is ATTACKED does she COME OUT OF HER CASTLE to roll around in the MUCK—NO. She RARELY ever REPLIES to any HATERATION in this DANCERY. She may say a few SLICK VERSES in a song, but that is it. Bey and Nicki are cool, she should take notes. That’s all I am saying….



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