WATCH: #TrishasSouthernKitchen season 13 ep 11 ‘Food Tour: Midwest Edition’ [full ep]


I have to admit, ‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen’ is one of my guilty pleasures. TRAVELING and being alone a lot of weekends, it reminds me of my family, and I try not to miss an EPISODE on Sunday mornings. I’ve even tried a few of the recipes, but they don’t come out quite as good as Trisha’s, but I try…

Trisha Yearwood takes a trip down memory lane, recreating her favorite dishes from her time on tour in the Midwest and sharing memories using her own photos and footage.A stop in Des Moines, Iowa, inspires Trisha to make Crab Rangoon Pizza Bites with dipping sauce, while Kansas City, Mo., has her turning classic barbecue into a BBQ Sandwich with Tater Wedges and a Quick Pickle. Finally, Trisha’s inspired to make Key Lime Pie like she had at a steakhouse in Minneapolis.
WATCH ‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen’ season 13 episode 11 BELOW!


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