#Gucci PULLS #Balaclava sweater after #BLACKFACE backlash ! [details]


First Prada and now Gucci!  Gucci is the LATEST luxury designer to DRAW CRITICISM for perpetuating BLACK FACE!

The designers have withdrawn a woollen jumper from sale after the item was criticized for “resembling blackface.”

The black sweater, described as a “balaclava” knit, covers part of the face. This section of the sweater features a cut-out mouth and large red lips, leading to the outcry.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Gucci added that it “deeply apologizes” for the piece.

Gucci is not the first LUXURY line to put up a middle finger of sorts to racists items, Prada came under fire recently as well.

What boggles the mind is that these DESIGNERS spend MILLIONS on MARKETING. In the COUNTLESS meetings for this product, not ONE PERSON felt this could be deemed RACIST?? Maybe there is just not ENOUGH DIVERSITY in these meetings, or these designers are just in the MODE of not CARING! They are not APPEALING to the demo they are disrespecting, so it may not matter much to them? I don’t know, but the only way to stop these companies is to BOYCOTT them. When you hit them in the POCKETS, people will then begin to play closer attention to DETAIL!


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