#RHOA season 11 MIDSEASON trailer goes off the RAILS! Nene breaks down! #Porsha engaged, and the LADIES get FREAKY in the DUNGEON! [vid]


Now up until now it appears that The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been playing it SAFE. There have not been any MAJOR blow-ups and not fights, now SEX DUNGEON rumors or anything….well UNTIL NOW! The season 11 trailer just went off the RAILS and all the LADIES lives are REELING! Porsha Williams gets engaged, things get wild and FREAKY in Kandi Burruss’ dungeon as some of the LADIES let their inner LESBIAN FANTASIES run WILD, rumors are swirling about Eva Marcille’s finances—or lack thereof, and Nene Leakes goes off the deep end! It appears now that Tanya is the NEW ‘BONE COLLECTOR’ because since she and Eva are now BESTIES, she had to ‘RUN TELL DAT’ that Nene said she was renting a RAGGEDY house and her credit was bad. ALSO Todd and Kandi don’t seem to be on the same page when it comes to hiring a SURROGATE. Shamari and Ronnie hit a SNAG in their marriage and Nene completely LOSES IT! We see some type of FIGHT break out with the CAMERAMAN and Nene tosses the ‘D’ word around again in terms of her and Gregg’s relationship! Check out the SHOCKING mid-season TRAILER after the JUMP!!



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