#ChrisBrown POPS all the way OFF on #Offset over #21Savage MEME! [details]


Well BLACK TWITTER , well namely Wale and Boosie together HAMMERED poor Demi Lovato for mentioning the countless 21 Savage memes that SURFACED after he was DETAINED by ICE pending DEPORTATION.  Many other chimed in on the JOKES as well.


Fast forward to TODAY, Chris Brown posted a MEME about the situation and Offset got UPSET about it and called him out for it.  THAT’S WHEN it got HAIRY.  Chris Brown WENT off on Offset in the COLDEST way!   But first let’s GO BACK to what STARTED all this madness.

 Brown recently posted a video in which 21’s 2016 XXL Freshman cypher was edited to feature the vocals of Big Shaq, a U.K.-based rapper/comedian.

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HARMLESS enough, right? Well Offset didn’t seem to think so and called Chris a ‘LAME’! That must have struck a NERVE with Chris because he FIRED BACK assault rifle style!

WOW! That’s NOT it though… Chris KEPT GOING!

Offset hasn’t RESPONDED yet, but we know it’s COMING. What Wale, Boosie, Offset and others are failing to REALIZE is that it’s JOKES. The jokes is not that 21 is facing DEPORTATION, it’s that this whole time we thought he was from the DIRTY DIRTY, A.T.L. Never in out WILDEST did we think he was from the U.K. That is the FUNNY part–NO ONE SUSPECTED that plot TWIST. That is what Chris and Demi and others found COMICAL–not the fate of 21’s future.

Let’s see where this GOES!


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