RUMOR PATROL: #TeyanaTaylor SLAMS reports that Iman fathered a child from a 3-some they had! [details]

The RUMOR MILL is BUZZING and has been ALL day and Teyana Taylor is not here for the SHITS TODAY! RUMOR HAS IT that Teyana Taylor and her hubby Iman Shumpert (who allegedly have been known to have three-somes in their relationship) invited a YOUNG WOMAN into their BED ROOM and this woman got KNOCKED UP with Iman’s KID!!

The LADY in question is ADULT FILM STAR, Alby Rydes. Rydes did INDEED give birth to a CHILD back in November, but INSISTS that Iman is not FATHER.

AS YOU CAN SEE, Iman REPLIED to this POST. But Teyana is SHOOTING this RUMOR DOWN and calling it FAKE NEWS!

Taylor says it NEVER HAPPENED…there is NO TRUTH to these RUMORS…. SO. Both LADIES are speaking out, but yet no word from Iman Shumpert… HMMMM… SO who do you BELIEVE???

MEANWHILE, Iman just dropped some NEW MUSIC….

This COUPLE is so loving and SUPPORTIVE of each other, so I DOUBT there is any truth to this. Let’s HOPE NOT anyways… To A LOT of PEOPLE, they are #RELATIONSHIPGOALS… so KTSE and LOVE on EACH OTHER…not a 3rd. IJS.


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