#Tinashe DROPPED from #RCA! [details]


People are trying to spin it in a NICE way by saying PARTED WAYS, but let’s get down to the BRASS TACKS—Tinashe got DROPPED from RCA Records! And the writing has been on the WALLS for months.

Tinashe was signed under the Sony imprint since 2012 putting out 2 albums, ‘Aquarius’ and ‘Joyride’. She had a HUGE spark with the DJ Mustard SMASH ‘2 On’ and the momentum was BUILDING. Her 2nd album, “Joyride’ had so many DELAYS and the singles were all of over the place, it was HARD to see where the ARTIST stood as an SINGER in the RIHANNA/BEYONCE-ruled world of MUSIC. We couldn’t get a VISION of who she was. Then when the album finally dropped, it sold a MEGER 10k units. THEN AND THERE I knew the LABEL was DONE and so was her time there.

What’s the RUB is that she is a TALENTED singer. She has the look, she can DANCE as seen by the Janet Jackson tribute on the BET awards that one year, but the marketing, the machine behind her just lost steam. There was no OFFICIAL statement from the label or the artist yet, but I am sure she will be just fine. Either she will go INDEPENDENT or another label will SNAG her up–but one thing’s for sure is that she is STILL BOOKED. The ‘Super Love’ singer is slated to star in the upcoming LIVE performance of ‘Rent’ and word from the curb is that new music is set to follow as well. SO FANS don’t fret, you have not seen the last of Tinashe!!


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