#RKelly DROPPED from #Sony Music! [details]


The writing was on the WALLS….after the DAMN information that was REVISITED and SPOTLIGHTED on the recent ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary, Sony has decided to DROP HIM from their ROSTER!

Sony Music has decided to dissolve its working relationship with R. Kelly, according to Variety.

No external announcement of the move is planned in the immediate future, says a source, who added that the company took its time to wade through the issues “responsibly” and avoid legal ramifications. R. Kelly was removed from the RCA Records website, which lists the label’s signed artists, shortly after 10 a.m. PT on Friday, Jan. 18.

Kelly’s back catalog will remain with RCA/Sony. Kelly’s last release with the label was a Christmas-themed album in 2016, although he has released several songs independently since that time, presumably with Sony’s consent, and Tweeted earlier this year that he has a new album on the way.

Contacted by Variety, reps for both RCA Records and its parent company, Sony Music, declined comment.

The move comes after years of public calls, and even a petition from members of the #MuteRKelly movement, for the company to part ways with Kelly. Those calls intensified in the wake of Lifetime documentary “Surviving R. Kelly,” in which multiple women accuse him of sexual misconduct. In recent weeks a plane commissioned by the women’s organization UltraViolet and carrying a sign reading “RCA/Sony: Drop Sexual Predator R. Kelly” flew over Sony Music’s Los Angeles offices and a protest was staged outside of Sony’s New York headquarters. But an insider notes that efforts to extricate Sony from its contract with Kelly had been ongoing for several months before and “[the plane] had no influence.” [Variety]

By no way and I DEFENDING R. Kelly or making LIGHT of what these VICTIMS have gone through at the HANDS of Kelly and his legion of MINIONS, but SONY, WHY NOW? These allegations and accusations have dated back over 20 years. Why after PROFITING from the catalog that you wait until 2019 to SEVER TIES? Where was this ENERGY 20 years ago, even 10 years ago?

Through it all, RCA — Kelly’s label home for the entirety of his solo career, both directly and as part of its partnership with Jive Records (which merged with RCA in 2007) — has stood by the singer, primarily, sources tell Variety, because he has never been convicted of a crime and has steadfastly maintained his innocence. Attempts by music companies to construct a morality barometer for artists is a precarious task, as Spotify learned last year when it attempted to ban artists — particularly Kelly — from its playlists based on behavior it vaguely defined as “hateful conduct.” Spotify ended up briefly penalizing two artists — Kelly and rapper XXXTentacion, neither of whom had been convicted of the relevant charges of sexual misconduct — before walking back the policy due to its vague definition and execution.

AND the BACK CATALOG still remains with SONY. Those are the ALBUMS that SOLD and MADE money. SO in essence Sony is BOWING DOWN to the PRESSURE of the COURT of PUBLIC OPINION, while all the WHILE still capitalizing on R. Kelly’s PAST SUCCESS. IS this RIGHT or WRONG? All is FAIR in ‘THE BUSINESS’, right? Throw the rock and hide the hands….



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