#NickiMinaj and #MeekMill ‘threaten’ to reveal SECRETS about the OTHER! [details]


When it’s over why can’t it just be OVER! It’s BEEN 2 years since Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill split, but it seems the two still have something going on between them.

While Nicki was onstage in Australia performing her hit song ‘Barbie Dreams’, she got to the LINE about Meek Mill. She had the DJ stop the music so she go into DETAILS about him. She repeated the line before adding some new lyrics: “I could tell you ni**as secrets but I won’t / ‘Cause being a bitter bitch is what I don’t.”

We wonder WHAT secrets she could reveal about her EX?

Somehow, the WORD got back to Meek and he took to SOCIAL MEDIA to issue a subtle warning of his own.

Now we can not CONFIRM that he was directing this at Nicki, but it FITS, right? So unless Nicki got some HUGE bombshell, she may not want to TEST Meek’s THEORY. At any rate, I believe that if you split, just split, the secrets die with the relationship. No one else needs to know. Maybe Nick is mad that Meek did a record with Cardi B? I mean why else would she just RANDOMLY volunteer that in her raps?

Just move on and BE HAPPY.



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