Radio SHAKE-UP! #WandaSmith & #MissSophia AXED from #V103Atlanta! [details]

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As we USHERED in the new year, V-103-Atlanta was HANDING OUT PINK SLIPS!  IT appears that POPULAR comedian turned RADIO MAINSTAY Wanda Smith is out and out with her goes wise cracking side-kick, Miss Sophia too! Being from ATLANTA, this is news to me and for those outside of Atlanta, Smith is the host that TRIED to go TOE TO TOE with Katt Williams and got DRAGGED to HELL and BACK with his VISCERAL take downs and jabs that went VIRAL. And we REMEMBER all the DRAMA that came along with that EXCHANGE… that could have been a FACTOR in her FIRING, but we have no confirmation on that. [In case you MISSED the Katt Williams DRAGGING, revisit that HERE!]

Smith has been a part of the V-103 family for upwards of two decades. She was also part of Ryan Cameron’s show for most of his morning run until he chose to leave V-103 last January, opening the door for Ski’s full-time return.

Miss Sophia (real name: Joe Taylor) was the first drag queen to ever have a regular slot on a morning radio show in Atlanta. She was on the show for four years providing entertainment news from 2006 to 2010. She came back last year to do the same thing.

At press time there was NO REASON given for their departure, but NINE TIMES out of ten it has to do with RATINGS and MONEY!

The station is now owned by Entercom, which scooped up V-103’s predecessor owner CBS Radio in November, 2017. WORD FROM THE CURB is that Entercom is a little bit more STINGY with the COINS than CBS. It also doesn’t support remote broadcasts, which used to be a standard feature on V-103. Wanda and Miss Sophia were obvious sources of income they could CUT. Frank Ski will be paired with a YOUNGER female co-host in the coming weeks. We are sure this new person won’t demand as much of a SALARY as Wanda Smith was allowed.

This saddens me a bit, but sometimes the WRITING is on the wall. When you get too comfortable in a cushy situation, sometimes it takes something BIGGER than you to make you MOVE ON. Miss Sophia’s situation is a bit different. She was FIRED once before unceremoniously and was asked to come back only to get AXED again. I am sire he will be just FINE because he is a TALENTED comedian/drag performer and this platform has opened many doors for him. Excuse me if I don’t have the PRONOUNS correct, but I am not SURE what he likes to be addressed as, so do not EMAIL ME with all that P.C. mumbo jumbo, because in no way am I trying to be INSENSITIVE.


Best of luck to BOTH of them.  I am sure this is not the LAST TIME we hear from these two!

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