#CardiB publicist GOES HAM on overzealous ‘fan’ in Australia! Cardi RESPONDS! [vid]


Well it appears that Cardi B’s trusted publicist Patience lost some of hers as a ‘fan’ shouted terrible things at Cardi B down under!

So, Cardi and her entourage were strolling through an AIRPLANE TERMINAL in Australia when a fan asked for a PHOTO. She was passively DENIED, and her retort was, ‘I see why your husband left you!’

This set Patience OFF! She immediately went off on the fan, protecting Cardi’s honor.

“B*tch, I’ll smack the shit out of you,” she yells back within inches of her face. “Don’t ever come out your mouth about her m*therfuckin’ husband. Watch your mouth.” Check out the footages (Cardi voice) below:

While some are hailing this act as LOYALTY within the crew, others felt that it could’ve been handled differently.

AFTER much DEBATE$ on social media, Cardi speaks out FOR her friend and publicist, Patience.


Me personally, I think she should have rebuffed the whole situation and kept it moving, but again they made something that was NOTHING into a thing. SO.. OH WELL. WELCOME to being a CELEBRITY.


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