#RemyMa shares 1st pic of her baby! [pics]

Remy Ma/Instagram


Remy Ma and Papoose welcomed a baby girl together on December 14th!  They are calling her the ‘Golden Child’ until they are ready to release her name to the world.  Remy had a ‘ROUGH’ delivery sources say and had to go back to the hospital after some severe bleeding, but we are told she is doing FINE now.

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I’m FINALLY back home and doing much better. The baby has been PERFECTLY fine since being born Dec. 14th and I’m resting & recovering at home. (Pap is VERY happy, on cloud 9,999😊) Thank you to all of our family, friends, and loved ones who reached out- Sorry for not responding to texts and/or calls – I physically was not able to and my husband @papoosepapoose was concerned & worried about me all while looking after our “Golden Child”. Also, thank you to all the fans who sent their love and prayers🙏🏽 We would also like to thank the ENTIRE staff at the hospital (doctors, nurses, aides, even the housekeeping) as well as the AMAZING security team ; not only did you all make sure my family was well taken care of but everyone was very professional and extremely respectful & protective of our privacy; we truly appreciate it – 💋 with love, The Mackies #RemAndPap #BlackLove #RemyMa #MeetTheMackies #TheGoldenChild #RemyMafia (I luv y’all 😘)

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Before leaving the HOSPITAL, Remy shared a FIRST LOOK at her new bundle of JOY!!!

We don’t get to see her face, but this litle SNEAK PEEK will tide us over to the BIG REVEAL!

Papoose was SO elated about his new daughter and the blessing he and Remy were bestowed, he GIFTED his wife a 94k Escalade as her PUSH GIFT.

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Thank you for my “Push Present” Husband @papoosepapoose 🥰🥰🥰 I’ve been so happy with the baby that I forgot all about such materialistic things.🤷🏽‍♀️We been married for 10 years but today is the day we FINALLY had our wedding. Such a special day that we have to acknowledge it🥰 (3 years ago)- we call it our “TV Wedding Anniversary” 😏 BUT Now it’s an even MORE special day; it was originally my Due Date, however, after getting induced on Friday & having to stay in the hospital an extra day due to complications, today we got to FINALLY bring home “The Golden Child” ( the name is sticking- they calling her “GC”🤦🏽‍♀️…will reveal her REAL beautiful name with maternity pics soon though) I’m truly blessed🙏🏽 Sidebar: I’m really hyped about the cooler to store the baby’s milk though 😂 This breastfeeding thing is SERIOUS 😬#BlackLove #MeetTheMackies #RemyMa #RemAndPap #TheGoldenChild

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MUST BE NICE! Congrats to the both of them and we shall WAIT for the NAME and a full SPREAD of BABY PICS to come…



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