#B2K REUNITES! Announces TOUR with #Mario #PrettyRicky & MORE! [details]


The quintessential BOY BAND of the 2000’s B2K just ANNOUNCED that they have all REUNITED and have plans to TOUR together again with a lot of HOT GROUPS and ACTs from their ERA! Omarion, Fizz, Raz-B and Boog have come together and are set to hit the ROAD in 2019 for the trek dubbed ‘The Millennium Tour 2019’!!

The GUYS will not be alone on this ROAD TOUR, the jaunt will also feature, Mario, Lloyd, Pretty Ricky, Ying Yang Twins, Bobby V, and Chingy. This SHOULD be a HUGE TICKET right here! ALL these MONSTER ACTS on one SHOW. Let’s hope EGOS don’t get in the way and the guys can ALL get out there and MAKE some MONEY and make their FANS HAPPY in the PROCESS!

Fans can expect more than two dozen shows when they hit the road in March, reports Billboard. U.S. dates will be announced Dec. 31 and tickets will go on sale Jan. 4.


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