#KeithSweat makes #Jacquees APOLOGIZE for ‘King of R&B’ SWIPE! [vid]


Jacquees is STILL running around PROCLAIMING he is the ‘King of R&B’. So much so that at V103-Atlanta’s Winterfest, he RAN UP ON Keith Sweat who is TRULY an RB King with more FOOLISHNESS!

Jacquees CLAIMED he was the ‘King of R&B’ NOW for the 16-25 year olds and that Keith Sweat was the king from BACK IN THE DAY! Now isn’t that disrespectful?
Sweat looked visibly ANNOYED, but rebuffed his remark by saying: “I’M STILL GETTING THAT BAG. I DON’T KNOW WHAT HE TALKING BOUT”

Check the AWKWARD encounter here:

LATER that night, Keith Sweat made sure to PUT YOUNG BUCK in his place!

Jacquees is getting his name out there–that’s for sure!

BUT, PLEASE sit down for a minute…PLEASE and THANKS!


One thought on “#KeithSweat makes #Jacquees APOLOGIZE for ‘King of R&B’ SWIPE! [vid]”

  1. I like Jacques but from what he did, he’s definitely giving our generation and us young ones a bad rep right now. That was not cool, I love Keith Sweat and I’m apologizing on his behalf for not only making us look bad but for also making himself and who he’s repping for look bad.


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