#SnoopDogg WEIGHS in on Kanye/Drake BEEF! ‘We Don’t Give A F*ck! [vid]


By now you have heard about or READ about Kanye West’s TWITTER TIRADE towards Drake. Drake wanted to rerelease his debut MIXTAPE, Kanye’s beat is used on one of the SONGS, he reached out to Kanye to get CLEARANCE for the music…KANYE goes off. We are not going to REVISIT all that WHO’s and WHY’S…every blog has already done that ad nauseum. Frankly, we are TIRED of Kanye GOING OFF on Twitter and not really making sense, and apparently so is Snoop Dogg. Uncle Snoop had some ‘CHOICE’ words for Yeezy! Take a LOOK!

OUR SENTIMENTS EXACTLY… It’s not that we don’t CARE about MENTAL ILLNESS< but Kanye KNOWS he has issues. What he NEEDS to be concerned with, is getting the HELP he needs and in that PROCESS stay off of SOCIAL MEDIA! IT's NOT HELPING the matter.


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