#Jacquees names HIMSELF the ‘King of R&B’ and the real KINGS are AMUSED! [vid]


 maxresdefault (5)

Somehow, just because somebody HYPED Jacquees up about the UNOFFICAL remix he made of Ella Mai’s ‘Trip’—He had the NERVE to name himself the ‘King of R&B’.  TWITTER and the MUSIC WORLD collectively was not amused…actually we are LAUGHING at the thought.


Some REAL KINGS of the GENRE chimed in like Chris Brown, Usher, Tank and MORE!

John Legend CHIMED in as well:

I mean in my opinion–Yes we know Michael Jackson is the KING OF POP–but he held it down in R&B for YEARS before that… SO he is the King of R&B EMERITUS! Then you got Bobby Brown, Usher, Chris Brown and the list goes on from there… I mean has Jacquees even put out an ALBUM yet? I mean NOT MIXTAPES, but an ALBUM? What awards are on his MANTLE? Grammys, BET Awards, Billboard Awards, American Music Awards, anything? Is Jacquees even the ‘Employee of the Month of R&B’ yet? I think he was a BIT PREMATURE in putting a CROWN anywhere near his head. Let’s just CHOCK this up to him wanting people to talk about him…cause he has not put in the WORK to be the KING of his APARTMENT COMPLEX yet—let alone his whole generation.



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