#NickCannon PULLS UP past HOMOPHOBIC tweets from #SarahSilverman #ChelseaHandler & #AmySchumer! [details]


After all the DRAMA surrounding Kevin Hart’s PAST tweets that lead him to STEP DOWN from his Oscar gig, his FRIEND and FELLOW comedian Nick Cannon decided to do some DIGGING and found some INTERESTING past tweets from Amy Schumer Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman!

Cannon is pointing out that Chelsea Handler, Amy Schumer, and Sarah Silverman have used some of the same exact words, no apologies. LET’S REVISIT, shall we?



Oh so you know Nick is just not being PARTIAL to others…he turned the light back at himself as well:

So after all of this is the ‘Wreck It Ralph’ franchise CANCELED because of Sarah Silverman’s PAST TWEETS? No.

Is Netflix knocking at Amy’s door asking for their 11 million back? NO.

Where was the OUTRAGE for them?


Nick Cannon–I think you have something here….


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