#Offset’s ALLEGED mistress gives TEARFUL APOLOGY to #CardiB! [vid]


Earleir this week we reported that Cardi B had announced she and Offset were ‘no longer together’. We chalked it up to a PR stunt (still could be), but it appears there is some truth to it.

I mean we ALL knew it wasn’t the BEST idea to marry a man who had already CHEATED prior to the UNION and has CHILDREN from DIFFERENT WOMEN with no MARRIAGE. What made Cardi think he was going to be E with her? She literally put her CAREER on PAUSE when it was kicking into HIGH GEAR to be with him and have a CHILD and then he does what he has had a TRACK RECORD of doing–being UNFAITHFUL. Why even get married one might ask??? Well I digress, but the WOMAN who ALLEGEDLY has come between Cardi and Offset has SPOKEN OUT and has issued a TEARFUL apology for her PART in BREAKING UP CARDI B’S ‘happy home’.

[via TMZ]
Summer Bunni cried openly while telling us how guilty she feels after word got out her hooking up with Cardi’s husband might have been a catalyst in the couple’s split. SB is the woman Offset allegedly asked to arrange a threesome that would include rapper Cuban Doll.

Summer tells us she hasn’t messed with Offset since Cardi had their baby, Kulture, but still feels ashamed for playing any role in breaking up their marriage. She insists she didn’t know how serious Offset and Cardi were — which seems absurd. They were married!

Bunni hasn’t spoken directly to Cardi, but she tried to deliver an apology through us, and says she hopes the estranged couple will reconcile.

WAIT. Did she REALLY say she didn’t know how SERIOUS his MARRIAGE was? I mean it’s a MARRIAGE! Does she not KNOW what that INSTITUTION entails!?? I couldn’t even read the rest…LOL. THe absurdity of it all.

Cardi has not ADDRESSED this woman and Offset has yet to issue a statement.



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