#RHOA NEWS: Door CLOSED? #PorshaWilliams and #NeneLeakes go at it on SOCIAL MEDIA! [details]



Now we know that Porsha Williams and Nene Leakes of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ have had one HELLUVA past.  The once big sis, lil sis duo were besties, then fell out, then appeared to be on the mend seem to have FALLEN OUT again!


Well watching the MOST recent episode of the show, we see that Kandi had some TEA about Porsha’s new BEAU simmering on the back burner for some time now, so she asked the LADIES if they thought she should tell Porsha seeing that their ‘relationship’ was just on the mend as well.  At the sitdown, Nene was VEHEMENTLY against Kandi saying anything to Porsha.  She thought that NO ON should say a word.  But fast forward to CONFESSIONAL, we learn that Porsha was made aware of the conversation which in turn made WAVES between her and her man Dennis. So Kandi narrowed it down to NeNe being the one that LEAKED the conversation back to Porsha.  If you missed that, revisit it HERE!

Nene CLAIMS she didn’t tell, but Porsha ADMITS that NeNe came to her and let her know what was said.  So after the episode aired, Porsha and Nene traded jabs on social media.




So is the door CLOSED for good now?  Jesus be a SCREEN DOOR at least!  Or at least crack a window.  Let’s hope these two are not on the OUTS again…


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