#JAYZ CLARIFIES Kanye ‘diss’ verse on #MeekMill’s ‘What’s Free’! Yeezy REPLIES! [details]

Another day another ‘beef’ or non-beef?  Today’s SOCIETY loves drama and love PITTING artists against each other.  Case in point.  Meek Mill just dropped some new HEAT in the form of ‘What’s Beef’ which features Rick Ross and JAY-Z.  On JAY-Z’s verse he says:

“No red hat, don’t Michael and Prince me and Ye / They separate you when you got Michael and Prince’s DNA,” he raps on The Notorious B.I.G.-inspired track. “I ain’t one of these house ni**as you bought / My house like a resort, my house bigger than yours / My spou—c’mon, man—my route better, of course.”

Now the reference to the RED hat is clearly the MAGA hat that Kanye PROUDLY wears from time to time, so EVERYBODY assumed that Hov was DISSING Kanye and his wife, but JAY-Z took to SOCIAL media to clarify his words.

In essence he is saying when TWO greats are in one sitting and may or may not share the same views, DON’T PIT THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER….we may have a rough patch, but at the end of the day we are still FAM!. I get it! So there may still be hope for ‘Watch the Throne 2’ after all…


Kanye wants to know as well…he had this to say to JAY:


JAY…your turn now…TWEET BACK!


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