#Transgender woman who ALLEGEDLY OUTED #DwightHoward is really a cisgender man! Now FEARS for his LIFE! [details]


Masin-Elije-exposes-screenshots-of-Dwight-Howard-in-DMsI am sure by NOW that you have gotten into the SORDID details surrounding Dwight Howard and an ALLEGED transgender woman who ALLEGES to have carried on a RELATIONSHIP with Howard and when things went SOUTH, the woman was THREATENED and now fears for her life.


On Saturday (Nov. 24) Twitter user Masin Elije took to the social platform and went into detail about their alleged relationship and the events leading up to the present day accusation.

Elije said he met Howard on the set of Wild ‘N Out. “We made eye contact and a week later he was in my DMs,” and soon after the two began exchanging intimate photos.

Here is Elije’s account of the INTERACTION in a series of tweets and screenshots:

So now she ALLEGES that she is being THREATENED and HARRASSED and feared for her LIFE!
The relationship was over according to Elije, and after he confronted him he allegedly threatened him. Elije then says he began receiving private calls and one of Howard’s employees, a man named Calvin, began hurling homophobic threats because he denied the alleged “hush money” that was offered.

Elije alleges he’s afraid for his life because of the threats he received from Howard’s camp. He said he’s contacted authorities, but tweeted if anything happens to him to please never stop fighting for his justice.

BUT NOW we learn that this TRANSGENDER WOMAN is actually a CISGENDER MAN that identifies as gay and CLAIMS to be an EX-LOVER of DWIGHT HOWARD! The story keeps changing and the GENDERS keep flipping, we don’t know what to believe!

AS MORE news comes in we shall UPDATE!


If this is what he likes then this is what he likes and should not be SHAMED for it.  But the ACCUSER is a ‘published author’ and this sounds like a PLOT from a NOVEL, or a ploy to sell books or get 15 minutes, who knows, it could be a little of all the ABOVE.  CELEBS, and entertainers alike  at some point seem to always get GAY RUMORS.  If we don’t see any tangible PROOF, then it remains just that—RUMOR and FODDER for the BLOGS!  But we will keep an EYE on this to see what else, ‘DROPS OUT’!




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