#Married2Med season 6 REUNION SPOILERS! Seating Chart, Fashions and TEA! [vid]

Even though there are a FEW MORE episodes of ‘Married to Medicine’ left, the REUNION was FILMED earlier this WEEK, and a LOT of DRAMA and TEA spilled out!
First off let’s get into the SEATING CHART! You know USUALLY the two seat closest to host Andy Cohen are the ‘HOT SEATS’. For a second year in a row Dr. Simone will be seated next to Andy and on the other side will be Dr. Jackie.

Could Simone be ready to drop another bombshell about her marriage? And why is Jackie in the OTHER hot seat. Dr. Contessa and Toya are seated in the chair FARTHEST from the host on either side and the OTHER LADIES FILL IN…CHECK IT HERE.

Now let’s get to the TEA!  WORD FROM THE CURB is that Quad and ESTRANGED husband Dr. Gregory met up for the first time since the divorce filing to talk ONE ON ONE.  ALOT of accusations were HURLED OUT.  Dr. Gregory ACCUSED Quad of having an affair with Mariah’s brother in law, and Quad REVEALED that Dr. Gregory had put his hands on her SEVERAL TIMES during their marriage.  To his DEFENSE, he said she HIT HIM FIRST!

Toya and Simone ganged up on Heavenly for always attacking Mariah’s family.

Toya also went in on Contessa. She called her fake and the two went back and forth on everything that happened over the season. From Contessa missing Eugene’s party to the accidental elbow to the breast in Antigua.

Quad also had it out with Mariah-AGAIN. Quad accused Mariah of being on COKE and Mariah let QUAD have it with ALL the DIRT she had in her arsenal. The TEA was so much that for the first time for ‘Married To Medicine’, the REUNION will be a 3-parter instead of 2!

As for the LOOKS the PALETTE was either FLORAL or VELVET… Check that out HERE!



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