LIKE A VIRGIN! #TheBachelor season 23 casts VIRGIN #ColtonUnderwood! Will he lose his V-CARD? Check the TRAILER!


This may be a FIRST for the VENERABLE ‘Bachelor’ series.  The new BACHELOR, Colton Underwood is the 1st OPEN virgin to be cast as the Bachelor.

In ABC’s new trailer for Season 23, cameras document Colton’s journey to find “the one,” but things prove difficult for the boy next door-turned-chiseled football player.

“I am a virgin,” he says in the preview. “But that’s just a small part of who I am.”

If you ask the women vying for Colton’s heart, however, his virginity is not just a “small” part of who he is. In fact, the entire trailer — and likely season — revolves around his V-card.

His VIRGINITY DRIVES the WHOLE season until Colton gets FED up and STORMS OFF taping! Check the EXPLOSIVE TRAILER below!

In a later scene, cameras follow Colton as he storms off set and says he’s “done.”

“Holy–” a wide-eyed Harrison says as he watches Colton hop the fence of the premises and disappear into the night. “Colton!”

Colton’s journey to love on “The Bachelor” premieres Jan. 7 on ABC.


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