Love & Hip Hop x 2! #LHHMia season 2 RETURNS in January! [details]


When one ends another begins, but in 2019 we will get a DOUBLE dose of ‘LOVE’! ‘Love & Hip Hop NY’ returns next week, and at the TOP of 2019 we will get ‘LOVE’ s times a WEEK! ‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’ returns in January!

Love & Hip Hop premieres Monday, November 26th, but that’s not all… Starting January 2, Love & Hip Hop Miami will air Wednesdays at 8/7c!

All your faves are returning, including: Amara La Negra, Trick Daddy, Trina, Bobby Lytes, Gunplay, Keyara Stone, Prince, Veronica Vega, Miami Tip, Shay Johnson, Young Hollywood, Jojo, Pleasure P, Pretty Ricky, Joy Young, Michelle Pooch, Chinese Nicki, Chinese Kitty and Liz Fuentes.

Newbie, viral sensation and comedian extraordinaire, Jessie Woo is coming to the 305 this season.

Jessie will be joined by underground rapper and song-writer Khatoic, and they’re ready to turn up the Miami heat this season!

The DETAILS are few and far between about season 2 seeing that FILMING is going on RIGHT NOW, but we here they have UPPED the ANTE on the DRAMA, so you want to be IN THE PLACE come January 2nd!!!!



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