Tweet/DELETE: #KandiBurruss unknowingly’BEEFS’ with a #PorshaWilliams FAN PAGE! [details]


So ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ is starting to RAMP UP a bit. On the latest episode ‘A New Addition’, we are introduced to the NEWEST ‘WIFE’ Shamari DeVoe–wife of Ronnie DeVoe from the LEGENDARY group New Edition. She is YOUNG–In comparison to the other ladies, fresh, eager to prove herself and a little ROUGH around the edges, but we think she is a good ADDITION. But that’s not the JUICE of this post. Since the introduction of Porsha Williams’ new BOO, Dennis McKinley, it appeared from episode 1 that Kandi Burruss had some ‘TEA’ on this man. I appears that Kandi knows people, that KNOW Dennis, and it seems he has a ‘CHECKERED’ dating history–if you believe the word from the CURB.

So Kandi has been ‘SITTING’ on this ‘INFO for a few episodes now, but in the latest, MORE TEA is spilled about Dennis. ENTERS Carmon–Kandi’s former assistant and CARD-CARRYING member EMRERITUS of the ‘Kandy-Koated Klique’ brought more info also due in part to Jamie. If you recall, Jamie was an ASSISTANT to Porsha who got the BEAT DOWN in the alley a few season back from Williams for being disloyal. So it goes without saying that she has an AX to grind with her former friend. So Jamie TROTS in with news that Dennis was dating her friend shortly before LATCHING on to Porsha and that the friend didn’t find out she had been ‘DUMPED’ until everybody else found out Dennis had moved on with Porsha–ALLEGEDLY. If you missed that whole spill, revisit that here. Bravo INGENIOUSLY had DUAL conversations going as Porsha GUSHED about her new love all the while Kandi and her crew were SPILLING all the tea and hashing it over about Dennis.

WELL.. while the episode was AIRING a ‘TWITTER BEEF’ broke out between Kandi and Porsha…or so it seemed. It appears that Kandi got into a BACK and FORTH with ‘Porsha’ on twitter, which later was revealed to be a Porsha Williams FAN PAGE!

In a since DELETED series of TWEETS, check out the ‘LADIES’ little BACK AND FORTH here!

OF COURSE the BEEF was deleted,but nothing is ever GONE GONE on the Internet. While Porsha appereasd on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ she appeared unfazed, but it is CLEAR that the budding NEW and IMPROVED friendship with Kandi is OVER before it got restarted.

Now I am under the impression that Kandi is a SMART woman. Did she NO KNOW that it was a Porsha Williams FAN PAGE, or did she just have time to ARGUE. AND back to the TEA she has on Dennis..alleged TEA. It appears that the TODD/SEX DUNGEON drama is REPEATING itself. Kandi would CHOP ANYBODY DOWN who allegedly had tea about Todd when they were dating and headed to the ALTER. She turned on FRIENDS, and almost her own MOTHER in defense of Todd over RUMORS, but here she is doing the same thing to Porsha. ALSO TROTTING out Porsha’s EX assistant, Jamie is similar to when Phaedra brought out a past employee of Kandi, Johnnie to ‘REPRESENT’ him in a case against Kandi. Seems like RECYCLED storylines and reused TEA BAGS to me. If Kandi wanted to be a REAL ONE, she should have just said up front, I heard some ‘ISH’ about your new man, or just not talk about it at all–but then…where would the DRAMA and STORYLINE be. We can’t all be FRIENDS on this show, right?


I say if Porsha is HAPPY let her be HAPPY.  If there is DECEIT afoot, she will soon FIND OUT….LET HER on her OWN!


I agree with @TadasUnique on this one.. Kandi, you will take your FIRST ‘L’ of the season for this one… SORRY. STILL LOVE YOU THOUGH and the FOOD at OLG is good despite what SAID…lol.

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