#AngelaSimmons EX #SuttonTennyson SHOT DEAD in Atlanta! [details]

Angela Simmons is MOURNING the loss of the father of her child today.

A man who was fatally shot Saturday afternoon has been identified as 37-year-old Sutton Tennyson.

Tennyson was shot multiple times around 4:30 p.m. in the garage of a residence located in the 600 block of Jewel Drive SW. Atlanta Police say the shooting happened as a result of an argument between Sutton and another man. The gunman then fled the scene.

Tennyson made headlines a year ago when it was confirmed he was the fiance of Angela Simmons, socialite and daughter of Rev. Run from famed rap group Run DMC. The couple later welcomed a son, Sutton Tennyson, Jr., before splitting in 2017.


So sad that baby Sutton will never truly know his father. GUN VIOLENCE has to end…

Condolences to Angela and Tennyson’s FAMILY!



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