NEW MUSIC: #MariahCarey ‘A No No’ [audio]


As Mariah carey preps the RELEASE of her 15th studio album, ‘Caution’ in two weeks, she has gifted the fans with yet ANOTHER single from the PROJECT. This time it’s a KISS-OFF anthem set to an INTERPOLATION of Lil’ Kim’s ‘Crush On You’. Take a LISTEN!

I Kinda DIG IT… but since the SAMPLE is so RECGNIZABLE, it seems as if it is CRYING OUT for a RAP FEATURE, right??? ‘Caution’ will be MC’s 1st album since 2014’s ‘I Am Mariah…’ The NEW PROJECT features cameos from Slivk RIck, Gunna and Ty Dolla $ign.


1. “GTFO”
2. “With You”
3. “Caution”
4. “A No No”
5. “The Distance” (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
6. “Giving Me Life” (feat. Slick Rick & Blood Orange)
7. “One Mo’ Gen”
8. “8th Grade”
9. “Stay Long Love You” (feat. Gunna)
10. “Portrait”

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