#Jarule CLAPS BACK at #50Cent concert ticket swipe! [details]

maxresdefault (10)
Yes we are in 2018 but 50 Cent seems to think we are in 1999. If you hadn’t heard, recently, 50 Cent went on Groupon and SWIPED up 200 first row seats to Ja’s show so his set would be ‘EMPTY’. Petty at best right? My remedy to that would be for Ja to simply EXTEND his stage out PAST the 1st row and perform to his LEGIONS of fans and in the process THANK 50 Cent for funding his set and being a FAN all of these years. PROBLEM SOLVED right? LOL.

Well Ja took to social media to CLAP BACK at Fif!

I mean a little CHILDISH and TRANSPHOBIC, but HEY… youhave to DISH it how it goes. The WHOLE beef is CHILDISH, but that’s 50 Cent for ya. Let’s see what he DOES NEXT! i mean in the END, Ja is still winning…he sold 200 seats without even TRYING…and 50 ate the cost.



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