#Ellen scares the SH*T out of #Diddy with a CLOWN! [vid]

Ellen DeGeneres


What is it? Unofficially it is the FEAR of CLOWNS. In the Vox poll – which involved 1,999 Americans and was conducted from 15-17 October this year – 42 percent of people surveyed said they were, in some way, afraid of clowns.

Well one of those PEOPLE not in that percentage is Diddy. Or so he says. The Ciroc mogul was on ‘Ellen’ today (Oct 25) when he PROFESSED to her that he did not FEAR CLOWNS!

“No, impossible,” he said denying the accusation. “I’m a Black man. I have so many other things to be fearful of, a clown isn’t going to scare me. I’m not afraid of clowns.”

Diddy VEHEMENTLY denied having a FEAR of CLOWNS, so Ellen decided to put him to the TEST! WATCH Diddy LITERALLY jump out of his seat!!


Guess he LIED..lol!!


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