#TheRock cast as #JohnHenry! Faces BACKLASH ! [details]


Are you FAMILIAR with the FOLKLORE hero, John Henry? Henry is an African-American folk hero who, as a steel driver, raced against a steam machine and won, giving up his life in the process. This is how he has been DEPICTED in the past and this is how I remember him from my childhood:


Well, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has CAST HIMSELF as the lead role in an UPCOMING film about the HERO’s LIFE.  For those that don’t RECALL.. this is THE ROCK:


The actor posted a teaser for “John Henry and the Statesmen” on Instagram on Tuesday.


Jake Kasdan, who worked with Johnson on “Jumanji,” directs. Johnson will produce the film, along with Kasdan, and Seven Bucks Productions’ Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia and Beau Flynn of FlynnPictureCo.

It’s good that and AFRICAN-AMERICAN folklore hero’s story is coming to LIFE, right? WRONG. Some CRITICS are DIVIDED on the casting. TWITTER is in an UPROAR because ‘John Henry’ has always been PORTRAYED or ILLUSTRATED as a DARK-SKINNED man… but The Rock is BIRACIAL.. BLACK FATHER-SAMOAN mother. ALSO in the PAST, The Rock has portrayed white, black and Pacific Islander characters. SO TWITTER is not AMUSED at the CASTING.

SOME have gone on to INSINUATE that The Rock ‘plays up his blackness’ when it is CONVENIENT!

SO..is it WRONG for him to play this HERO?

Now I personally see BOTH sides of the COIN. On the ONE HAND, Terry Crews is more of who I would ENVISION ‘John Henry’ to look more like, than The Rock. But Johnson is PRODUCING the film, so why not cast himself?



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