LISTEN: #InsecureHBO season 3 ep 8 ‘Ghost-Like’ playlist [audio]

We are SO glad that ‘Insecure’ is back for season 3! Now we all know that the MUSIC sets the mood and is actually like a NARRATOR or extra CHARACTER for the SHOW. Here is all the music from episode 3 of season 8 BELOW!
One thing that NEVER disappoints is Insecure’s playlist for the episode. This one was full of all the gems to make this dramatic rollercoaster of an episode less heart wrenching and adds another LAYER to the DRAMA. Let’s get right into it, shall we?
nsecure season 3, it’s all about the ghosts of exes past. All of the ladies are being revisited by their ex-boyfriends and coming to a realization that maybe they made some bad life decisions since then. Issa and Lawrence have some super cute bonding moments but all of that is short-lived as Nathan returns to the picture. He gives her an explanation of why he went ghost for a month but we don’t know if Issa truly accepts it.

The episode begins with “Ladders” off of Mac Miller’s The Star Room. He released the project just before his passing and it’s very fitting. In the song he says, “Somehow we gotta find a way no matter how many miles it takes” and during this time on the show, Issa is trying desperately to make her block party come to life. Issa also took to Twitter to reveal why she chose this song.

“#InsecureHBO starts now with an opening song from Mac Miller,” Issa says. “Loved his album and never imagined he wouldn’t be alive to hear it. R.I.P.”


The Internet seems to be a personal fave for the good folks over at Insecure. The group has had their music on at least two other episodes. “Come Together” is another track featured on the Hive Mind album.

Chicago’s Sasha Go Hard took a page out of Insecure’s book and remixed one of Issa’s season 1 originals, “Broken Pussy” for her new track “Golden Pussy.” The track appears on the Insecure season 3 official soundtrack, obviously.

MORE here!


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