DEADBEAT DAD? #WizKid’s BABY MOMMA calls him ‘social media father’- puts singer’s texts on BLAST! [details]


Wiz Kid’s BABY MOMMA has had enough and is calling him OUT for being a DEAD BEAT FATHER! She has put the Nigerian singer on BLAST for NEGLECTING their child and accusing him of being a ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’ father only! Here are some SCREEN SHOTS from their EXCHANGE and MORE!

Oluwanishola, the mother of Wiz Kid’s son, in a series of shocking posts corroborated the claims of the singer’s second babymama who had earlier called him out for being a deadbeat father. Citing examples and sharing screenshots of their chats, Oluwanishola talked about how Wizkid is always begged, forced by family members to pay for his child’s school fees. It’s always war to get the singer to pay his 7-year-old child’s fees.
She also revealed how Wizkid would be checking if his young son is gay or not. This he allegedly did by touching some parts of his body and many more ridiculous stuff. Shola also revealed how even with being patient with the singer and always trying to get a good life for their son, the singer never appreciated her for once. All he cared about was being painted as a good person on social media.

FELLAS…TAKE CARE of your KIDS! Especially if you got the means to do so…

Guess he got that SOCIAL MEDIA fame he wanted….. SMH.


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