Rumor Has It.. #Steve talk show CANCELED!? Replaced by #KellyClarkson! [details]

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Rumor has it that TV personality and comedian Steve Harvey’s talk show, ‘Steve’ has been AXED and will be replaced by Kelly Clarkson!

It APPEARS that ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ will REPLACE ‘Steve’ in 2019! The news is a huge blow to Harvey, 61, as it sees his show pulled from 11 major markets around the US – including Los Angeles, where the talk show is filmed, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami and Washington, D.C.

Steve was set up by Harvey after he walked out on his last talk show, Steve Harvey,in Chicago unceremoniously firing all the show’s staff and issuing a list of rules directing employees to stop speaking to him in the hallway, approaching his dressing room or addressing him in the makeup chair Opens a New Window. .

At the time, Harvey refused to apologize for his memo to staff. The Family Feud star has also been hit with a lawsuit by a guest who claims she was duped by ø staff into wearing clothes which made her look sexier than she would usually choose – then ridiculed her look on the show.

Kelly’s show is getting a prime slot on the NBC stations where it will air as the lead-in to daytime anchor Ellen in all but one market. That is a time period that had been occupied by a Steve Harvey talker for seven seasons now, first Steve Harvey and currently Steve.

It is not clear what will happen to Steve, produced by IMG Original Content, which replaced the Endemol Shine North America-produced Steve Harvey starting last fall. It is being distributed by NBCU TV Distribution but I hear the company has been telling stations it would no longer handle it. IMG could take it elsewhere, and I hear that the company has had preliminary conversations. In the new incarnation under new ownership structure, Steve, which relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles, is pretty expensive, which could make finding a new home challenging, but I hear IMG could continue with the show.

Time will tell….

If not Steve Harvey has other ventures that will keep him rich and occupied for the rest of his LIFE. TO BE HONEST, I liked ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ over ‘Steve’. He had found his SWEET SPOT with the first show and the REINCARNATION of the show was a HUGE change ans I think he left or NEGLECTED a HUGE part of his FAN BASE when he did the REBOOT for Hollywood. The STAGE seemed to big and EMPTY and the FORMAT just didn’t register. But we will see what happens next…

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