#JenniferWilliams says she was SET-UP! Talks #ShaunieOneal& #TamiRoman on #TheBreakfastClub! [vid]

The ‘Basketball Wives’ season 7 REUNION aired on this past Sunday, and the MAIN shit starter, Jennifer Williams did not SHOW UP–but had TIME for ‘The Breakfast Club’. On the show she spoke about being ‘set-up’, she says that Shaunie O’neal instigates a lot of mess BEHIND the scenes and of course Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada were MENTIONED as well! Take a look at her interview and see if you can pick up on what’s TRUE and what’s LIES!

Now one thingk I will agree with is that I think Shaunie O’neal is FAKE and stirs the POT. How can you EFFECTIVELY be friends with two people that are beefing? You are coaught in the middle and it is HARD to be impartial. But my thing is if she felt this way, why not go FACE the ladies and expose their alleged LIES!? She had all this to say on the RADIO, but couldn’t go face those ladies? *SIDE EYE*. Ok Jen.


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