#WandaSmith’s hubby ALLEGEDLY pulls a gun on #KattWilliams! [details]


By NOW you have all seen the clip of comedian Katt Williams and V103-Atlanta’s Wanda Smith TRADING comedic jabs LIVE on radio.  Well things got out of hand and Katt Williams got the BEST of Wanda.  He made comments about her weight, her success (or lack thereof) in comparison to his and MORE. [in case you missed it–check it out HERE]  So once the interview was over things seemed ok….that is until later that night.  The RADIO HOST’s HUSBAND allegedly pulled a GUN on  Katt Williams later that night at the comedy club!

According to SandraRose.com

Smith’s husband, LaMorris Williams (not related to Katt), was apparently still furious 24 hours later.

LaMorris reportedly pulled a gun out on Williams and threatened him at the Atlanta Comedy Theater in Norcross, GA on Saturday night.

LaMorris introduced himself to Williams as Smith’s husband, according to witnesses. Williams was in the club to support fellow comedian Red Grant who performed that night.

LaMorris, who was accompanied by the couple’s sons, didn’t open fire on the comedian, but Gwinnett police responded to the club and took a statement from Williams. LaMorris was gone by the time police arrived.


Not sure how true this is, but is HIGHLY LIKELY….


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