Video footage and Police report REVEALED from #WandaSmith #KattWilliams comedy club altercation! [UPDATED vid]


We REPORTED this morning (September 17) that Wanda Smith of V-103-Atlanta had a RUN in with Katt Williams after that EPIC roasting he gave her the other day.  We also reported that Smith’s husband allegedly pulled a gun on Williams later that night at a comedy club in Georgia.  Well, we can drop the ‘ALLEGED’ because the POLICE report and VIDEO FOOTAGE of the altercation has been RELEASED!!


Comedian Katt Williams and Atlanta radio host Wanda Smith allegedly got into a fight outside the Atlanta Comedy Theater in Norcross that ended with Smith’s husband pulling a gun on Williams, according to a report from the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Smith and Williams reportedly started arguing at the club on Saturday, Sept. 15 at about 9:30 p.m. about an interview Smith did with Williams the week before. According to the police synopsis, Williams told police that Smith’s husband, Lamorris Sellers, pulled a gun on him and pointed it in his face.
Williams and his security guard ran to the Food Depot next door to meet with police.
Sellers told police that Williams had a verbal fight with Smith, and Williams indicated he wanted to fight, according to the report. Sellers approached Williams and chased him into the Food Depot, then turned back to the Atlanta Comedy Theater, police said.

Sellers admitted to police he had a gun, and that it fell from his waistband while he was chasing Williams, and he stopped to retrieve it, according to the report. He denied pointing a gun at anyone.

Watch the VIDEO here!

SO AFTER ALL THAT, Wanda’s HUSBAND called Frank Ski, Wanda’s on-air partner and got on his case for not ‘STOPPING’ the interview.  Frank was in is feelings about it and discussed it–ON AIR!

I’m all about PROTECTING your mate, but this could have gone TERRIBLY awry. Wanda Smith CLAIMS she felt THREATENED by Katt during the INITIAL interview. But if you look back at the exchange, she did not appear THREATENED. She APPEARED to be OUTMATCH comically and embarrassed, but I did not see her appear to be THREATENED. I am not in her head, but her ON-AIR partner LAUGHED the whole time and Frank Ski being a SEASONED radio host, if he FELT there was something off–I am SURE he would have STEERED the interview another direction…that never happened. NOW as to what happened at the CLUB.. those TAPES don’t LIE….. WE SHALL SEE!!!
TRUTH OF THE MATTER..if you can’t TAKE the HEAT–stay away from the FLAMES…

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