#HTGAWM returns for season 5 September… [vid]



Are you ready for the RETURN of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’!??

The infamous Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is back on campus and finally teaching again. Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) are apparently planning a wedding. And, last but not least, steamy resident bad boy Frank (Charlie Weber) is back in Annalise and company’s lives and, once again, stirring the pot.

The hit series, created by Peter Nowalk, has been nominated for six Emmys and two Golden Globes since it first aired in 2014. The show’s fifth season will premiere on Thursday, Sept. 27 on ABC.

“Despite what you think, this is not a class at all, this is a sacrifice,” Keating says as she walks into her new law class. “Brutal, mean, depressing, but that’s what it costs to change the world. So who wants in?”

Viola Davis looks GREAT!


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