#KattWilliams DRAGS #V103Atlanta’s #WandaSmith, #LilRel #TiffanyHaddish & MORE! [vid]


VETERAN comedian, actor and Emmy winner, Katt Williams had TIME that day!  In a RECENT visit to V-103 in Atlanta, Katt spoke about the state oc stand-up comedy and ran down the list of his ACCOLADES that a lot of people may not know about.  He went in on how Netflix offers deals and shed light on the fact that some COMEDIANS at the’ TOP’ that can’t tell JOKES!  He WENT IN on Tiffany Haddish saying she hasn’t proven herself and also COMMENTED on the fact that WHITE execs are pulling the strings in BIG COMEDY DEALS.  He also said COMEDIAN Lil’ Rel and Jerrod Carmichael were UGLY ‘stars’ that women don’t particularly want to sleep with and HAD word about Kevin Hart too!  INT HE WHOLE PROCESS he went the FUCK in on Wanda Smith who is a COMEDIAN as well.  She tried to COME FOR Williams’ hair and his look and then it all went LEFT really quickly!  Check out the WHOLE interview after the JUMP!!

When all else fails INSULT a BLACK MAN’s MASCULINITY, right? Wanda knew she was losing that battle, so she was grasping at STRAWS.  Katt is from a GENERATION that knew all about ‘The Dozens’–when you ROAST somebody until they are on teh VERGE of crying or wanting to ATTACK you!  This is not ONE to play with and as you can see he was READY and had a comeback for each and EVERY joke throwed at him.  WANDA who is a comedian as well was not PREPARED for all of that AMMUNITION..and she walked right into it EYES WIDE SHIT! LOL.  But aside from all that.. was Williams speaking FACTS about the comedy game and some of his FELLOW comedians though. I heard a LOT of FACTS being tossed around.. THOUGHTS!?



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