SHOTS FIRED! #CardiB EXPLAINS why she came for #NickiMinaj at #NYFW event! [details]


Rumors were circulating that Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into a FIGHT at New York Fashion Week.  In actuality it was Rah Ali, who was in Nicki’s CAMP.

Cardi can be seen with a LUMP on her head being ESCORTED out of the Harper’s Bazaar party.  SHE TOOK NO TIME to take to SOCIAL MEDIA to ‘shoot shots’ at some RAPPER trying to STOP HER BAG and who ALLEGEDLY talked about her parenting skills or lack thereof.  Cardi had this to say on INSTAGRAM!


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WE ARE ASSUMING that she is referring to Nicki. I don;t think Rah Ali is a RAPPER, so who else could it be. My thing is why not have this same energy when the FIGHT was going on? OR BETTER YET, why not use this ENERGY to let your PEOPLE handle the situation? Once you get to a certain level in your career, PETTY SQUABBLES like this need to be handled a DIFFERENT way. IJS.

FEMALE BEEFS like this are why Lil Kim and Foxy Brown split as friends, Kim landed in JAIL. Riffs like this landed Remy Ma in prison. I mean, there is enough ROOM for all. You don’t see MC Lyte and Queen Latifah SNEAK DISSING each other!  This has to STOP!


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