#GeorgeZimmerman made THREATS to #Beyonce! [details]



This new information will be shown in the last part of the Trayvon Martin docu-series, but ALLEGEDLY, George Zimmerman made threats towards Beyonce and Jay-Z!!

In a series of text messages, Zimmerman called Beyoncé a “broke whore” and promised she and Jay would “find themselves inside a 13 foot gator.” The alligator talk is reference to “gator babies”, the racist practice of feeding African babies to alligators in the 18th & 19th century.
 Charlamagne Tha God Doc Rip Rape

Sources report the messages were sent when Zimmerman was contacted by Dennis Warren, a private investigator who tracked down potential participants for the series. Warren found himself on the receiving end of hundreds of harassing messages and voicemails from the man acquitted in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Back in May, George Zimmerman was charged with stalking and harassing Warren. Just recently, the PI had fought a subpoena by Zimmerman where he demanded to see records of his investigation. Warren refused, arguing that the information on who he contacted could put several already-frightened participants at serious risk.

We’re told Zimmerman also sent similar texts to Michael Gasparro, who executive produced the series alongside Jay-Z. Zimmerman messaged Gasparro with the producer’s own address and told him members of the Genovese crime family, a powerful organized mafia family, were looking for him.

George Zimmerman’s messages to the production crew mirror ones he directed at Jay-Z last fall when he threatened to “beat” him and feed him to an alligator after he claimed production harassed his family for interviews.

JAY addressed the threats in DJ Khaled’s “Top Off” earlier this year. “Meanwhile Georgie Porgie sinnin’ and sendin’ me threats/Save your breath, you couldn’t beat a flight of steps/Try that shit with a grown man / I’ll kill that fuckboy with my own hand.”

Zimmerman, this is NOT what you want. TRUST. THe LEGAL system may have gotten you of, but the BEYHIVE is RELENTLESS. IJS.


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